Ready to Start Raw Feeding?

While it can be extremely beneficial to switch your dog to raw, it can also be tricky to get started. We've broken down the basics and put together an easy to understand chart. 

Benefits of Raw Feeding
  • Less Shedding
  • Better Coat
  • Biodegradable Waste
  • More Energy
  • Less Plaque Build-Up
  • Less Waste
  • Lower Likeliness of Growth and Tumors
  • Dogs Enjoy Their Meals More
  • Healthier Weight
  • Longer Life
Ready to Switch From Kibble?

If your dog has a sensitive stomach, you are best to start slowly adding raw into the dog's kibble. (Don't forget to adjust the amounts!) Ideally you'll want to switch over 1-2 weeks time by slowing increasing the raw and decreasing the kibble. If your dog shows signs of digestive upset, canned plain pumpkin can be added to the meal at 1 tsp increments. 

If your dog is a hearty eater with little digestive issue, many times we switch dogs cold turkey. Feed their last meal of kibble tonight and start with their raw portion tomorrow morning. 

It's important to remember that raw digests faster than kibble and your dog will need to be fed twice per day. 

How Much Food Will I Need?

Every dog is different! You'll want to use the chart to the right to determine your range of daily intake you'll start with. Some dogs may need more than others so if you have a harder keeper, be sure to start with the "High" activity level category and you can always adjust down. Take your daily intake from the chart (it is shown in ounces) and multiply it by the number of days you will purchase at one time. That will give you the total ounces needed. Be sure to convert to lbs before ordering! (16 ounces/lb)

How Do I Know if My Dog is Getting the Right Amount?

Easy! Look at your dog's physical condition. Just like in people, dogs will get bigger or smaller in size dependent on how much they eat. Ideally, you will be able to see your dog's waist line. If you notice your dog is adding or dropping weight and it is not desired, start by increasing 1/2-2 oz per meal depending on the size of dog. You should be able to tell within a few days if you are feeding the appropriate amount. Remember, dogs need different amounts of food depending on their activity level so the amount you feed may change during the time of year.

What Do I Order?

Dogs need at least 3 protein sources for a balanced diet along with meat, bone, and organ. It is recommended that one source is red meat and one source is fish. We like to use Titan Blue as our staple diet and add in other things such as Titan Red, Turkey, Chicken, or other game as available.

Do I Have to Add Anything to the Food?

Ideally, the Titan Red and Titan Blue are considered complete diets. We also like to add eggs, probiotics/vitamins (We LOVE Fido-Vite!), and fish oil. You can also consider goats milk, tumeric/golden paste, coconut oil as desired. 

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